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From Senior Executive strategy sessions in the wilds of deepest Canada, to team building on yachts navigating stormy winds on rough seas, to resetting and rebuilding fragmented groups going through conflict, uncertainty and change - I have experienced all of these and can use this knowledge to support your team and organisation's growth and transformation.

To find an effective solution for you and your team, we will do our best to understand the situation and your desired outcome before designing and proposing our ideas.

Here are a few examples of the questions we will ask as part of our initial research:

1. Describe the team - what are their strengths, opportunities and challenges?

2. Do they all know what is expected of them?

3. Do they all get regular feedback on their performance?

4. Do they work collaboratively?

5. What are their barriers to success?

6. What do other departments say about your team?

7. Where are they located, how many work remotely?

8. Are they asked for their ideas and opinions?

9. Have you got high performers in your team, how are they supported?

10. Have you got under performers, how are they supported?

We are confident that if you partner with us, the performance and engagement of your team will improve significantly.

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