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In these unprecedented times, you will need your leaders to perform more than ever before. They need to listen, understand, provide support, challenge, motivate, inspire, get things done and make big decisions. The growth and transformation of your leaders isn't quick or easy.


Here are 10 questions to start the discussion:

1. Who is challenging your leaders to be even better?

2. Who is inspiring your leaders to make brave decisions?

3. How are you helping your leaders to grow and learn?

4. How self aware are your leaders?

5. What are you doing for your emerging talent?

6. Who do your leaders turn to for help?

7. Do your leaders know what is expected of them and who gives them feedback?

8. Do your leaders know what skills they need to develop?

9. What do the people in your organisation say about their leaders?

10. How do your leaders ensure that talent is recruited into your organisation and thrives in it?

Leaders: Services




An intensive, in-house 2 day programme for new or recently appointed managers who want to learn the fundamentals of leading individual and team performance.


It's designed for leaders who face the challenges of managing the productivity and performance of their team, communicating with impact, as well as the development and motivation of their colleagues and themselves.


This programme is also available for delivery through video conferencing - please contact us for more details.



An intensive, in-house 2 day advanced programme to help middle and senior managers develop into high performing leaders and make a positive impact across their organisation.


It's designed for those who want to influence peers and their line manager as well as their direct reports.


This programme is also available for delivery through video conferencing - please contact us for more details.



Even in these challenging and unpredictable times, leaders are expected to deliver high levels of performance, make difficult decisions and motivate the teams they lead. One of the most effective methods of drawing down on the required skills is to find the time and resource to receive quality Executive Coaching.


For the past 8 years, I have been coaching senior leaders from a variety of industries and locations across the world. Executive Coaching provides a space to pause, review, think, create, and go again. Any leader who is not giving themselves the opportunity to do this is probably making their life a little bit tougher.

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